This site is about Amateur Radio or "Ham-Radio".

As you may know, in order to operate a transmitting/receiving station, radio amateur operators or "hams" must pass an exam, of varying complexity depending on their country of origin. The technical program is supposed to be unified, under the name HAREC (Harmonized Amateur Radio Examination Certificates) but administrations have differing views of the actual level of such exams. Thus, the technical part of the exam is definitely not easy and requires a real effort, especially for non-technical people, even more so in Switzerland, which is a country that quasi-glorifies hard work and effort for their own sake.

This site offers various means to prepare this exam.

First a book entitled "LE RADIOAMATEUR - Manuel de Référence" designed to help French-speaking candidates to prepare the technical part of the exam.
This book is at its sixth edition since 1980 (fourth with the current publisher).
This book is available in libraries (ISBN 978-2-7108-1184-8).

Second, a document entitled "Guide d'Etude" is especially aimed at Swiss candidates (french speaking), that gives detailed answers to a set of typical exam questions as published by the Swiss licensing authority OFCOM.

Note that since anyone can download these exam questions, they can be used by any non-Swiss to prepare himself to the exam in his country. The only requirement would be, of course to read French.

Note that there is plenty of learning material in English, from the RSGB in Great Britain, and from the ARRL in the USA.

Other pages found on this site, give various information on ham-related items, such as Morse code learning and electronic circuit simulation with computers.

The author of this site is of course a ham, with call sign HB9CEM in Switzerland. He also holds the US call sign AE7AL and the Canadian call sign VE3PSX. He has been licensed since 1979, and has been teaching electronics to candidates to the amateur radio exam since 1980, while working for an important US semiconductor company in Geneva, Switzerland until 2008. He is now retired.

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